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Ivan Řehák

Ivan Řehák

(2. 9. 1954)  

The academic sculptor Ivan Řehák is one of the most famous Slovak artists. As a medal designer he is the author of many commemorative coins and medals for customers both from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In 2011 his two-euro coin was declared the most beautiful coin in the world in the Trade Mark category by the Krause Publication publisher. His Alfons Mucha and Pribina coins were also shortlisted for the ten most beautiful coins in the world at the World Money Fair in Berlin. His last productions include a commemorative gold and silver medal featuring the Royal Capital of Prague which was coined by the Prague Mint at the end of 2013. The author also takes part in the Event Calendar 2014 programme of the Prague Mint where he is preparing materials for the mintage of titles Galileo Galilei and Arthur Conan Doyle. He participated in FIDEM exhibitions in France, Portugal, the USA, Finland and finally in England in 2012.
Ivan Řehák was born in Bratislava, where he lives and works. From 1973 to 1979 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, the field of relief sculpture in the studio of professor Rudolf Pribiš.


Medal production has a close relationship to history. Which period is personally closest to you?
I have always had a liking for history, but I cannot give one period which I would prefer. If I have to speak about preferences, then it is historical persons and it is not important in which field they established themselves. I have surely closest to artists, musicians, technicians and inventors. What I personally like about historical themes is the search for historical facts; by discovering new information, that is new information for me, I create a space for inspiration.

Which professors influenced you most during your study?
In fact it was the influence of the art school led by the academic painter Magdaléna Štrompachová which determined that I went on to become an artist. At the Academy of Fine Arts I enrolled at the relief department of professor Rudolf Pribiš, a student of Otakar Španiel. In his studio I learnt the basics of the relief art from which I can draw support even today. I was certainly influenced also by meeting professor Jozef Kostka and by my work in his studio after graduating at the college.

Could you tell us which coin or medal made you most happy?
This question is very hard to answer. Personally, I have the feeling that the coin designs for which I have the highest regard did not fare well with expert commissions and they will probably have to wait for their recognition. Among those which are known to the public and close to me, there is a coin dedicated to Alfons Mucha, to Prince Pribina of Nitra and also to the Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague, a Rudolf II medal, which was originally a commemorative coin design for a competition. My most famous coins are probably the circulated Slovak one-euro and two-euro coins.

Another artworks prepared by Ivana Řeháka

PRAŽSKÁ MINCOVNA . PRAŽSKÁ MINCOVŇA . PRAGUE MINT . PRAG MÜNZE . CASA DE MONEDA . MONNAIE DE PRAGUE . ZECCA DI PRAGA . CASA DA MOEDA PRAGA . MENNICA PRAGA . PRASKA KOVNICA . NANE PRAG . Пражский монетный двор . Монетный двор Праге . ковница Праг . MYNTE PRAG . MUNT PRAAG . PUDINA PRAGUE . RAHAPAJA PRAHA . Mėtų Praha . Mant Prag . Monetărie Praga . Menta Prága . Nenexhik Pragë . Piparmünt Praha . Bạc Hà Praha . μέντα Πράγα . מטבעות מכון פראג . 造币钱 . सिक्का प्राग . ミント プラハ . 박하 프라하 . پراگ . نعناع . โรงกระษาปณ์ ปราก .  پودینہپراگ . პრაღაში ზარაფხანა .

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