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Josef Oplištil

Josef Oplištil

(25. 11. 1979)

Josef Oplištil belongs to the young generation of Czech designers of commemorative medals and coins. He completed his studies in Jablonec nad Nisou where he now works as a teacher at the Higher Technical School with a specialization in minted medals and coins. He got his first idea of the study at an art academy already while he was still a pupil at the basic school, because he had the opportunity to attend private lessons at the academic painter Václav Zeman, who strongly supported his interest and talent.

At the secondary school his professors included Petr Horák, Jitka Jelínková and Jiří Dostál. Josef Oplištil regularly takes part in competitions announced by the Czech National Bank. His previous known works include for instance a design for a gold commemorative coin featuring the Kačina Chateau (2004, Czech National Bank), his recent works include a silver medallion on the centenary of the birth of the legendary actress Nataša Gollová, which was issued by the Prague Mint last year. Although the bas-relief prevails in his present work, he also likes returning to his sculptural work. Josef Oplištil was born in Hlinsko. After completing the Secondary School of Applied Arts and the Higher Technical School in Jablonec nad Nisou, he enrolled in the studio of figurative sculpture and medals at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His professors were Jan Hendrych and Doc. Milada Othová who helped to develop his visual expression to the professional level. At present, he lives with his family in Jablonec nad Nisou.


In comparison with older Czech medal designers your career is understandably relatively short. How many designs have you managed to produce?
I took part in ten issued coins for the Czech National Bank, whether it were designs of both sides or I was the author of only side. Then there are four productions for the Czech Mint and further two for the Prague Mint. There have been, however, dozens of competitions for the Czech National Bank.

Which of your designs are you most passionate about?
I value some portrait productions, for instance Gustav Mahler or Jiří Trnka. An organic shape is always harder than, for example, the work on some architectural theme.

What do you enjoy more – architecture or portrait?
Generally, I can say that I enjoy portrait more, but I have my own philosophy that there are no small themes; therefore it is important to prepare every theme as best as possible. Abstract themes, for example political themes, are very difficult; to express the presidency of the Czech Republic calls for a different type of thinking and at the same time it allows a different morphology, a different meaning of things.

You regularly apply to different competitions where the theme is already given. If it were up to you, for whom or for which event would you like to make a medal?
In private I started to work on a cycle of medals dealing with the portrait of Karel Čapek. At present, I have in my drawer nine versions which rather defy the requirements of the coin relief technology. This is because I take the relief below the base surface. It is a freer form of execution which is not bound by any requirement of realistic modelling of anatomy. So that is what I am quietly working on in.

At present, coin and medal production seem to prevail over sculpture in your work …
Due to time reasons medals and coins really prevail now. Apart from that I sometimes get to modelling of busts, portraits and heads. I am a little restricted by my teaching obligations; nevertheless, this work really interests me a lot.

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