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Miroslav Schovanec

Miroslav Schovanec

(31. 5. 1976)

Thirty-seven year old Miroslav Schovanec belongs to the younger generation of Czech artists specializing in numismatics. His talent was discovered by the academic painter Zbyněk Kubánek whose private lessons of drawing Miroslav attended during his final year at the elementary school. He started his professional career as an engraver in the Czech Mint where he later worked also as a designer and an operator of CNC machines used for the milling of coin dies. Although he started his work on medals relatively late, he has made a whole series of successful productions. At present, he is a member of the expert team of the Prague Mint, where in 2012 he introduced himself with a medal dedicated to Zdeněk Miler and his internationally famous cartoon protagonist “Krteček” (the Little Mole). Miroslav’s hobbies include music and travelling; he has fallen under the spell of Southeast Asia where he often returns. He considers sport, which has been his favourite pastime since his childhood, the best way of relaxing. Interestingly, while he was at the elementary school he was taught sport lessons by the mother of the Olympic winner Barbora Špotáková.

Miroslav Schovanec was born in Mladá Boleslav, but he spent his childhood in Jablonec nad Nisou. At the local Secondary School of Applied Arts he studied the subject of engraving and forming of coin dies. Immediately after completing his study, he continued with his education at the Higher Technical School where medal and coin minting were taught. He further improved his education at the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem.


Did you enjoy your work on the medal featuring “Krteček” (the Little Mole)?
I must admit that I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasant change. When the opportunity to design “the Little Mole” for a minted medal came up, I did not hesitate even for a second. This beautiful theme is a challenge which you simply cannot refuse. I submitted several graphic designs to Karolína Milerová, the granddaughter of Zdeněk Miler and the founder of the Zdeněk Miler Foundation. She chose one drawing from these designs and I made it into plaster models and sent for her approval. It was used for the production of two gold medals.

What happened next with these extraordinary commemorative medals made of pure gold?
One medal was sold in an auction with the profit going to the Foundation and the second was donated directly to the Zdeněk Miler Foundation by the Prague Mint which had the rights for the mintage of the Little Mole motive. First silver versions with consecutive numbers one to five were also sold at an auction.

You like travelling. Which countries have you visited and where are you planning to go?
Apart from Egypt I visited several European countries. I was most affected by my stay in the Romanian city of Iaşi, where I spent one term on a study stay during my education in Ústí. It was a great time and good experience; the place impressed me by its culture, nature and people. As students we had student cards for a 50% discount so we travelled a lot. In the following years I returned twice to Romania.
Lately, I like going to Southeast Asia. I have visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and this year I am planning a trip to Malaysia.

Another artworks prepared by Miroslav SchovaneC

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