Pražská mincovna: Z důvodu celozávodní dovolené (22.7.-4.8.) je dostupnost výrobků mincovny omezena.


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Prague Mint
Die Coating (By applying a special coating of hard metal dies acquire resistance.) - Custom minting
Die will gain resistance with hard metal coating.

The polished dies have limited lifetime. Their coin surface is exposed to extreme pressures during mintage. On a mirror-polished surface, some microscopic deformations can appear with increasing wear and tear. During the minting of top quality, it is therefore necessary to continuously polish the dies again or replace them by new ones.

Example of coating
Example of coating

A protective transparent film is applied on the die by coating. It increases the lifetime of the dies and the quality of each coin. Microscopic thin layer of hard metals significantly improves the quality of our production.

Compared to commonly used application technique called hardchromium, the Prague Mint chose modern “green” coating technology. It completely abolishes the use of dangerous hexavalent chromium, still widely utilized in other mints.

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